Setup Procedure:

  1. Pack-it is configured for first time use via the Pack-it Config Utility.
  2. Pack-it is attached to a Customer Device via RS-232 or I/O.
  3. Pack-it is attached to an Internet enabled Ethernet Network.
  4. Pack-it automatically configures itself via DHCP if enabled.
  5. Pack-it is now ready for use.
The attached device has the option of polling for arriving rs232 or I/O data or waiting for a data arrival interrupt generated by Pack-it.

Transmission Procedure:

  1. Customer device generates data to be sent over the Internet.
  2. The data is transferred via RS-232 or digital I/O to Pack-it for Internet transmission.
  3. Transmission Complete.

The above picture demonstrates the Pack-it database loader application loading a SQL server after receiving data sent from various Pack-it boards. Sorry source IP addresses and other private information have been blurred.

Reception Procedure:

  1. Pack-it detects inbound data.
  2. The inbound data is parsed and the returned to the host via RS-232 or digital I/O.
  3. Reception Complete.
The Result:
A pure RS-232 to Ethernet Layer 3 Bridge with built in IPv4 Networking Capabilities.

Pack-it Supports, Ethernet, ARP, IPv4, ICMP, UDP, DNS, and DHCP.